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Yard Sale Signs a Burden on Community

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KENNEWICK, Wash.- It might seem like every weekend someone in your neighborhood has a yard sale, complete with signs to guide you in but left behind yard sale signs are a problem.  

Sometimes the signs are miles from the actual sale, and often they're placed there on Friday afternoon, the sale happens over the weekend and the seller never comes back to pick them up.

It looks like Margie Nettleton's having a yard sale , but she's not.

"It's really bad, especially on the weekends, this summer, we have at least three or four boxes sitting on the corner," Nettleton said.

Tuesday there were five at her corner.

She says almost every weekend, it turns into a haven for the neighborhood's yard sale signs.

They say everything must go, everything but the sign.

"We just with people'd come back and get their own scraps. We don't mind them putting them out there, if they'd come back and get them," she said.

That's the same battle the cities are trying to fight.  Across the Tri-Cities, they're cracking down on garage sale signs that quickly turn into garbage. 

"It can be easily blown over, it can get blown out into traffic.  You know, it's left out there until either the cows come home or the property sells," said Mitch Nickolds with the City of Pasco.

It's illegal to put a sign in a public right of way, on a power pole or anywhere where it blocks traffic or poses a traffic safety risk. 

The only way to advertise your sale is by asking another property owner if you can put it up in their yard, and making sure you clean it up and maintain that neighborhood's quality of life.

"Unattended signs and signs that are left up after the sales do, they do make a statement about the particular area," Nickolds said. 

That sure would make Mondays a lot easier for Margie, no more cleaning up those nasty signs.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that you need a permit to have a yard sale.  The permits are only $5, and when you get that they should give you a packet outlining the rules for advertising your sale.