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Virus causing Vulgar Ads to Appear on Websites

WASHINGTON.,--If you've accessed KNDO and KNDU web sites recently, you may or may not have noticed an unusual advertisement on the page. If you have seen inappropriate ads on our homepage, your computer is likely infected with a virus.

"It usually happens when a computer is used by multiple people," says KNDO/KNDU Web Manager Meagan Zickuhr. "So, you might not be aware that someone is going to an inappropriate website or websites that have software that can be downloaded onto their computer."

Downloading at random can allow a Trojan Horse virus to infect your computer. It's quite a nuisance for users because its able to compromise system security.

"A Trojan Horse originally is a virus that would get in and it'll actually collect passwords, usernames on your computer and send 'em off to somebody," says Joel Cline.

Here are some tips to keep your computer safe. One, keep your Windows updates current. Two, keep anti-virus software updated. Three-don't download impulsively, do research beforehand. Lastly, avoid sites like Kazaa and Limewire.

"A lot of these different programs out there bring in the viruses, maybe not necessarily known viruses that your knowing as your transferring the files, but the programs themselves have spyware and viruses built in 'em," says Cline. "That's how they sell."