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Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Dog Days of Summer

YAKIMA, Wash -  Like most people, our pets get hot when the temperature rises.

A spokesperson from the Yakima Humane Society says not to keep your pets outdoors for a long time when it is over 80 degrees.   If you do have to, lay down a a cool towel that is damp with bags filled with ice cubes underneath for your animal to lay on.   This will keep them cool.

Also when your pet is in the car don't leave them inside of it.   It is against a city ordinance to keep them in the heat and could cost you $500.

"Even in the low 80's, leaving your pet in the car, within then minutes it can heat up to 102 degrees, heat stroke is certainly going to follow and that can also cause death," says Patsy Dye of the Yakima Humane Society.

It is also encouraged you don't walk your animal in the extreme heat.  If they begin to kick their feet that means the pavement is too hot for their paws and could eventually lead to blisters.

When filling up your pets water bowl make sure it's at a cool temperature, it will help protect them from the heat.  Also keep in mind, if you're leaving home for awhile, it's okay to put a few ice cubes in the water dish to keep it cold.

If your animal is panting heavily, throwing up, or won't respond to their name, they could be suffering from heat stroke.  You should wrap them in a cool towel and take them straight to the vet.