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How To Practice Proper Child Gun Safety

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Children and guns. Over the last 10 years in Washington State 12 children under 14-years-old accidentally shot and killed themselves with a gun. While numbers may not be high, experts claim nearly every accident can be prevented.

Just last month a three-year-old in Clarkston, Washington accidentally killed himself with a gun he found in a bedroom drawer.

Experts recommend whether you own a gun or not, all parents need to teach their children weapons aren't something to play with.

Wayne Riner is an avid bird hunter. But he's also the proud father of 8 children.

"I have a young 3-year-old who loves guns, and it scares me a little," said Riner.   

Riner owns a pistol and two shotguns. Although he keeps them in the house. He said the guns are never loaded, each has a trigger lock, and he teaches his all his children the right way to handle firearms.

"I think a lot of people are really careless with guns, ya know, you read articles all the time. Kids getting shot, shooting their buddy or their brother. It just scares me," said Riner.   

One gun expert estimates 75% of American households have a firearm in the home, and warns kids need to know how to handle them.

"There's that possibility that you go into a house, there could be a firearm there. Again teach your kids to leave them alone, don't pick them up," said Claude Buffaloe, Hunter Safety Instructor.   

If you have guns in the house, experts recommend you either store them in a safe or lock the trigger.

For Riner he said when it comes to his family he can never be too safe.

"If I left a gun out like that and my kid did something like that. I could hardly forgive yourself you know. It would be devastating," Riner said.