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Motorcyclists to Make Their Presence Known in Tri-Cities

Kennewick -- Wednesday is Ride To Work day.  It's not another request that you car pool.  It's an annual national event devised to raise awareness about safety on the roads, and to offer motorcyclists a time to make a presence.  It also serves as a reminder to those in cars that safety begins the moment you get behind the wheel.

Many of those who ride on two wheels believe people often lose perspective of what a motorcycle is because of it's smaller size.

Bill Gilyeat, who works in the shipping and receiving department at Full Throttle in Kennewick, is also a licensed motorcycle instructor with the State of Washington.  He says, "When you take chances on a motorcycle, you never win with a car."

That reminder is good not only for those who ride motorcycles, but also for motorists who may be lax behind the wheel.

Gilyeat has been riding motorcycles since 1960. He's logged close to 2 million miles. And he's had six accidents, most of them when he was, as he says, "young and dumb."

He says young people on bikes feel invincible and older ones have slower reaction times.  Those continue to be things to be aware of when traveling even short distances.

Wednesday, you will likely see plenty of motorcycles and other two wheelers on Tri-Cities roads, particularly in Richland.  Workers at Battelle and other Hanford contractors have been recognizing Ride to Work day for several years.  Last year about 100 men and women participated by riding or bringing their bikes to work.  This year, as last, they will join for a picnic at 11:30 about a block south of Battelle.