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Thieves are not the only Issue when it Comes to Car Prowls

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Yakima, WA -    A woman called our station to complain about an ongoing problem at parking lots all over yakima.  That's car prowls.  But the thieves who are breaking into cars aren't the only issue.

"I opened the door and it looked like there was a storage compartment with keys hanging in my mini-van."

What Robin Rainville actually saw was an empty box with cut wires where her radio used to be.

"It was a $200 stereo, plus a cd that was $13," says Rainville.

She had been shopping with her family at Wal-Mart this past Monday.

But it was hot, so she left the windows down and the doors open.

"I know I must look pretty gullible," says Rainville who also says a security officer at Wal-Mart told her some other people got hit that same day.  Wal-Mart says they have no reports to support that.

Despite security patrols and cameras, a thief stole rainville's radio in broad daylight.

Yakima Police say break-ins like this happen all the time at big parking lots like the one at Wal-Mart. 

They say if you want to protect yourself.  Roll up your windows.  Lock your doors.  Don't leave your belongings in plain site.