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U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto: New Unlimited Hydroplane looking for big win in Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, Wash. - That is one giant billboard rolling down the street.  The distinctive green, white and red truck with Oh Boy! Oberto beef jerky logos on the side... pulling an unlimited hydroplane of the same color and logo behind it.

It turned a few heads pulling in to Kennewick on Wednesday, making its way to the KNDU-TV studios for a liveshot on the 5 & 6pm newscasts.

The boat's brand new, built from scratch this year by the Madison, Indiana race crew.  And its turning heads on the water, too.  Veteran driver Steve David told us before the season started that it would run faster each time out.  So far, that's exactly what happened this season.  He finished second at the last two race stops in Detroit and Madison.

David has won the National High Points Driver's Championship the last two years, despite driving a boat that was 16 years old.  David, the team, and the city of Madison, Indiana which owns the boat, were rewarded by sponsor Larry Oberto and the Oberto family with the new boat this off-season.

"We promised the people of Madison if they gave us a great boat, we'd give them a great run," said David.  That's what they did in Madison this year, giving the brand new hometown boat its first win in the first heat.  They went on to win three straight heats there, finishing second in the finals.  "Every time we've gone out, we've gone faster," David said.  "That should continue."

The boat's a fan favorite and David is as well.  As a great ambassador for the sport, there are a lot of race fans around the country pulling for the team and optimistic about the future. 

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For David, it's been a lifeling passion to race.  "Since age 7, I was on a boat," he said.  "As a teenager, I found that boats was the get girls."  He started racing 1 litre model 5's in the 80's, got in a lot of minutes, than moved up to the 7 litre hydros where he won the national champhionship.  That paved the way for him to move up to the Unlimited Hydroplane class.

"So far," he said.  "It's been awfully cool."