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U-16 Ellstrom's Elam & Dave Villwock set course record in qualifying times - INSIDE: Complete Friday Qualifying Times

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KENNEWICK, Wash - He's won three straight races and Friday he set a new course qualifying speed record on the Columbia River.

Dave Villwock, aboard the U-16 Ellstrom's Elam, hit his fastest qualifying time of the year, posting a 165.687 mph lap speed during his timing run.  It sent a clear message to the other race teams, including the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto and drive Steve David, who just before had run it's fastest qualifying lap yet in the brand new boat at 160.599.

Villwock downplayed the qualifying run.  "We'll just try to get enough points to get into the final and then we'll worry about what happens there," he said.

The U-6 crew is ecstatic about the boat's performance to date.  It has literally run faster every time they've put it out on the water.  "Every time we've gone out, we've gone faster," David said.  "That should continue."

Still, Villwock also maintains he's not taking anything for granted.  "There are 6 or 7 boats out here that are fast enough and can win."

Speeds for Friday Qualifying sessions

  1. U-16 Miss Ellstrom Elam Plus, Dave Villwock (Auburn, Wash.) 165.687 = new course record*
  2. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David (Lighthouse Point, Fla.) 160.599
  3. U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, Jean Theoret (Maple Grove, Quebec)158.559
  4. U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors, David Bryant (Mesa, Ariz.) 154.469
  5. U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors II Presents Ronald McDonald House, Jimmy King (Warren, Mich.) 153.546
  6. U-13 Spirit of Detroit, J. Michael Kelly (Puyallup, Wash.) 151.911
  7. U-25 Superior Racing, Ken Muscatel (Seattle, Wash.) 147.717
  8. U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving, David Williams (Des Moines, Wash.) 144.392
  9. U-9 Miss Conover Insurance, Chris Bertram (Enumclaw, Wash.) 143.861
  10. U-21 Meyers' Auto Tech, Brian Perkins (Black Diamond, Wash.) 137.186

"We were 11 mph back in Evansville, 7 miles back in Detroit, now we're 5 miles back," said Steve David, U-6 driver talking about the U-16 Ellstrom's Elam and Dave Villwock.  "We're getting closer."

Don't let the slow times for the U-21 fool you.  It's the first time the boats seen water and the team wanted to start slow.  "Right on schedule," said U-21 Meyers' Auto Tech's Kevin Aylesworth.

U13 speed of 157.944 was DSQ for N2 violation

* Course record is for the "fuel restricted era."  Before they put in fuel restriction, there was a course time of 168mph.