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WSP Speed Trap at 1500 Feet in Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--A quick refueling stop at Vista Field in Kennewick, then its back to patrolling the skies. During our 40-minute observation of Locust Grove on I-82 , Sergeant Monty Colver showed me how easy it is to catch speeders.

"Using the aircraft its easy to see as you saw from the demonstration," says Sgt. Colver. It's was easy to see the different violations that can occur, that are visible from the air."

For many people attending Water Follies, I-82 is a major artery and State Patrol is well aware. Using a stopwatch, cars are timed between white marks on the highway. This car was clocked four times. It's range of speed: between 77 and 82 miles an hour. By using a flight sheet, Sergeant Colver keeps track of speed and vehicle color to accurately alert troopers on the ground.

"The course can only be a minimum of a quarter mile long. Ours are a half mile between each of the marks as you saw," says Sgt. Colver. We use, like I said the stopwatches to time 'em between the marks.

Drivers can usually spot marked and unmarked state patrol vehicles. From the air, it's much more difficult. This red suv didn't know we were monitoring his speed, which varied between 86 and 91 miles an hour. As you can see, this driver was pulled over. Troopers have been pretty busy.

"Yesterday, we were working the aircraft in the same location, Locust Grove and we stopped 53 cars and a majority of the vehicles were at 90 plus," according to Sgt. Colver