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14 Boats for Seafair - Updated Team and Driver point totals

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Source:  ABRA

It might be hard to believe the racing has been competitive during the 2007 American Boat Racing Association unlimited hydroplane season since the outcome of the races has been the same. And the winner -- is Dave Villwock (Auburn, Wash.) in the Miss Ellstrom Elam Plus. 

Villwock has piloted his boat to wins in all but one elimination heat and has won each of the four previous races on the circuit-the first time since 2000 when Villwock himself piloted the Miss Budweiser to four consecutive wins to start the season, ending the year with six wins in seven events.

Undeniably the best driver in the sport today, Villwock has won 55 national high point unlimited hydroplane races. ( By the way, 56 if you count the exhibition race in Firebird, Ariz. in 1997 that had four boats in the pits.)  The late Bill Muncey won 62 national high point races while legendary Chip Hanauer has 61 wins.

So how will the fleet of 14 boats get ready to try to unseat the Elam Team from atop the leader board for this weekend's Chevrolet Cup at Seafair?

"If you are going to beat Dave, you have to get him at the start," said J Michael Kelly, driver of the U-13 Spirit of Detroit.

Last year's Seafair Champion, Jean Theoret (Ville de Lery, Que.) in the Miss Beacon Plumbing was able to hold off Villwock with a great start

But in 2007, even if you get him at the start, that doesn't mean you can hold him off.

Villwock was pushed to lane four during the final of the Lamb Weston Columbia Cup this past Sunday and still blew past the field.

Qualifying and testing for the Chevrolet Cup at Seafair begins Friday, August 3 with racing on Saturday, August 4 and final elimination heats on Sunday, August 5.

ELAM PROBLEMS ?: Do not think it is easy for the Elam team each and every week.  Last Sunday, gearbox problems sent the crew into overdrive to get the boat ready for the final.

PERKINS QUALIFIES:  Brian Perkins (Black Diamond, Wash.) qualified as an unlimited driver this past weekend on the Columbia River.  The driver of the U-21 Meyer's Auto Tech placed second in his first elimination heat.  Of course, he did have a little luck.  Greg Hopp jumped the gun and was penalized a lap while  Ken Muscatel had a DNF.

GEARBOX HEAT FOR MEYER'S AUTO TECH:  The 21 team found itself working out a few bugs in the gearbox.  Oh Boy! Oberto crew chief Mike Hanson helped the team with excessive gearbox heating problems.  A few more turns of the wrench will fix that this week in Seattle.

KIM AND DEBBIE GREGORY RETURN: Rookie driver Dave Bryant (Mesa, Ariz.) returned in the Hoss Mortgage Investors boat this past weekend getting third place podium finish after missing the Gold Cup in Detroit.  The 10 boat broke a prop causing major damage to the shaft, deck and the gearbox of the turbine in Madison. 

J MICHAEL KELLY-OFF THE TRAILER!  J Michael Kelly (Pullayup, Wash.) has once again gone from the trailer position to a good finish in the final.  He has pulled off third place finish from the trailer position in Detroit and fourth place Sunday at the Columbia Cup.  He hopes to find himself on the front row this weekend for the final.

NO STEERING FOR 13:  The Spirit of Detroit broke the some steering pulleys during the elimination heats on Sunday.  The team quickly made the changes and Kelly said ‘The boat handled quite well.'

RED DOT READY TO GO: Nate Brown brought the Our Gang Racing Team to the shores of the Columbia River but that was about it.  The team was close to hitting the water but not quite.  They had the rooms and reservations and decided to give the team a feel for the competition.  The U-17 will be ready to go this weekend in Seattle.

SHANE HAS SHORT DEBUT: The U-1 Formulaboats.com driven by rookie Jimmy Shane (Havre De Grace, Md.) went dead approximately 200 yards from the finish line during the final lap of the second set of elimination heats. The U-1 suffered a gearbox failure and withdrew from any further racing in Tri-Cities. Shane was in his first U-boat race, replacing the injured Mike Allen.

BAD WEEKEND FOR U-3:  Jimmy King (Wales, Mich.) and Ed Cooper (Evansville, Ind.) might have wanted to stay home this past weekend.  A blown rod in the piston powered engine in Friday's Dash for Cash was just the start of the troubles.  Only qualifying points and a few DNF's were all the team had to show for the weekend. Two motors went on the team, leaving the U-3 in tough shape for Seattle.

FOUR BOATS JOIN THE CIRCUIT: Four boats have joined the circuit for the west swing.  Nate Brown (Preston, Wash.) returns to racing, driving the U-17 Miss Red Dot; Chris Bertram (Eatonville, Wash.) in the U-9 Miss Conover Insurance; Dave Williams (Seattle, Wash) in the U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving while Brian Perkins (Black Diamond, Wash.) is in the U-21 Meyer's Auto Tech boat.  


  • U-1 Formulaboats.com   
    Owner Ted Porter  Driver  Jimmy Shane
  • U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors II Presents Ronald McDonald House
    Owner  Ed Cooper Jr.  Driver Jimmy King
  • U-5 Formulaboats.com   
    Owner Ted Porter  Driver Jeff Bernard
  • U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison 
    Owner City of Madison  Driver Steve David
  • U-9 Miss Conover Insurance   
    Owner Mike & Lori Jones Driver Chris Bertram
  • U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors  
    Owner Kim & Debbie Gregory Driver David Bryant
  • U-13 Spirit of Detroit   
    Owner Dave Bartush  Driver J. Michael Kelly
  • U-16 Ellstrom Elam Plus 
    Owner Sven Ellstrom  Driver Dave Villwock
  • U-17 Miss Red Dot   
    Owner Our Gang Racing LLC Driver Nate Brown
  • U-21 Meyers' Auto Tech 
    Owner Jeffrey Johnson/Kevin Alyesworth Driver Brian Perkins
  • U-25 Superior Racing    
    Owner Dr. Ken Muscatel Driver Dr. KenMuscatel
  • U-37 Beacon Plumbing    
    Owner Billy & Jane Schumacher Driver Jean Theoret
  • U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving 
    Owner Greg O' Farrell/John Cheetham Driver Dave Williams
  • U-100 Mirage Boats.com  
    Owner Fred Leland  Driver Greg Hopp 

Team Standings

Number Owner Points Pts. Back
U-16 Ellstrom Elam Plus 6625 0
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison 5104 1521
U-37 Beacon Plumbing 4238 2387
U-13 Spirit of Detroit 3208 3417
U-3 Cooper Motorsports 3125 3500
U-100 Fred Leland 2703 3922
U-5 Formulaboats.com 2606 4019
U-25 Superior Racing 2558 4067
U-10 USA Racing 1970 4655
U-1 Formulaboats.com 1968 4657
U-9 Jones Racing 894 5731
U-21 Freedom Racing 668 5957
U-48 Go Fast, Turn Left 480 6145



Driver Standings

Name Points Pts. Back
Dave Villwock 6625 0
Steve David 5104 1521
Jean Theoret 4238 2387
J. Michael Kelly 3208 3417
Greg Hopp 3125 3500
Jimmy King 3097 3528
Jeff Bernard 2606 4019
Ken Muscatel 2164 4461
David Bryant 1970 4655
Mike Allen 1713 4912
Chris Bertram 894 5731
Brian Perkins 668 5957
David Williams 480 6145
Jimmy Shane 255 6370