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Richland Man Makes Bio Diesel

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With gas prices up many are looking for alternate ways to fuel their cars.

Substitute teacher and real estate agent Arno Illig has two old diesel Mercedes and he has chosen bio diesel as his fuel of choice and he has even started making it.

Illig says there are a lot of guys like him in the neighborhood doing the same thing for their personal use and when gas is three dollars a gallon people start doing something about it in their backyards

Illig and a handful of other guys have started making bio diesel, and they say the process is pretty simple. you use used vegetable oil from fast food deep fryers or you can use new soy bean or canola oil which is grown locally and you can convert it into bio diesel with a bio diesel conversion machine.

But he really does it because its good for the economy. Illig says our local farmers can raise what we need for bio diesel right here and then we don't have to import as much foreign fuel so its good for our national security, and our trade imbalance with foreign countries

And its good for his two diesel Mercedes as well. Illig says bio diesel actually lubricates better then petroleum diesel, people say their engines last longer, they run quieter, diesel engines are notoriously noisy, they clatter a lot, the chatter goes down so it's a win win win win all around, I don't see a downside.

Right now the only place to buy bio diesel is at the Richland Airport and its only B-5, which is 5 percent bio diesel 95 percent petroleum.

In early July Governor Gregoire provided 6.4 million dollars in low interest loans for bioenegry production facilities with one of the goals being to have b-100 fuel pumps in Washington.