VIDEO: First test fire for U-17 Miss Red Dot - NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |

COURTESY: U-17 Our Gang Racing

VIDEO: First test fire for U-17 Miss Red Dot

On the water at Seafair - Photo - Russ McElroy On the water at Seafair - Photo - Russ McElroy

From the U-17 Our Gang Racing website, here's the video from the first test fire of Nate Brown and Our Gang Racing's new unlimited hydroplane in the pits at Tri-Cities, WA.  We watched all weekend as Nate and the gang actually built the boat in the pits from our broadcast platform less than 20 feet away.

The crew cheered when they hit the start button and fired it up for the first time on the sled in the pits at Tri-Cities.

The hull looked great, with a bright red, white and blue color scheme and a very unique air intake design.   But there was a lot of work left to be done, including putting an engine inside the hull for the very first time.

"We're here," said Nate Brown.  "There's still a lot of work to be done."  The work continued while other unlimited hydroplanes were doing qualifying and timing runs, but as the day wore on, it was obvious they weren't going to make it.

Still, Brown was optimistic about the brand new boat's future.  "Not today, but hopefully Seattle," he said.  Brown said he wanted to bring the boat to show everyone it's real... and the team because most of the crew has never worked a boat race before.  It seemed smart to let them get the feel for the pace and energy of the weekend.