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Jean Theoret takes Dave Villwock out in the final

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SEATTLE, Wash. - Jean Theroet has claimed twice this season that Dave Villwock moved in on him and caused him trouble.  In the final at Seafair, it seems Theoret was the one moving in on Villwock at the start that cost both drivers as chance at the trophy.

Jean Theoret had done something nobody else has been able to this season.  He beat Villwock twice in heat races.  So it set up the winner-take-all final as a battle between the two boats.

Theoret and Villwock were side-by-side.  Villwock, changing strategy from most of the season, grabbed the inside lane and slowed down.  Theoret grabbed lane two. 

As they came up to the start, Villwock said he got washed down.  "Theoret moved in front of me and hosed me," he said.  That forced his engine to shut down.  He had to re-start and never really was a factor in the race.

ABRA officials would agree with Villwock's assessment.  They officially disqualify Theoret because of his actions.  In fact, Theoret moved over far enough he went through lane one and took out a buoy.  After the race, Theoret apologized to Villwock.  The team said he was moving so slowly that water came up over the windshield and blurred what he could see.

Villwock would finish fourth.  Steve David would win Seafair 2007.