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Repairs to Yakima Water Plant are Complete

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August 17, 2007 4:56PM

Yakima, WA -  Repairs to Yakima's water plant are almost finished.

For the last 24-hours, the city asked residents not to water their lawns and to keep indoor water use to a minimum.

Yakima Water and Irrigation says its okay to go back to regular water use after six o'clock today.

There were sprinklers spitting out water on a few lawns this afternoon, but for those who were willing to cooperate, it wasn't a big deal.

"Yeah, if it happened a month ago when it was hotter, maybe, but now it's a lot cooler," says Eric Duffield who owns a rental property in Yakima.

Yakima Water and Irrigation had to shut off its water plant just after two o'clock yesterday afternoon.

"It was ten feet high," says Dave Brown, one of the engineers.

In only a few minutes the filter pipe gallery was flooded.

"We've never had this happen before.  A valve that wasn't supposed to open, opened inadvertently," says Brown.

More than 18-million gallons of water from the Naches River flows out of the plant every day.  Crews turned on back-up bumps to keep water running into the city. 

They also received water from the Nob Hill Water Association.

But the city still asked residents to keep water use to a minimum while they worked on the four valves that got flooded.

Now that everything is back under control and water flow is just about normal, crews will focus on what caused all this flooding at the plant.