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Crime Reduction Unit in Yakima County Continues to Arrest Criminals

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YAKIMA, Wash -  Right now there are 8,000 active warrants in Yakima County.  A new three man unit at the Sheriffs Office, all year has been trying to lower that number.  At the beginning of the year the crime reduction unit was formed.  Their mission, to go after sex offenders,  probabtion violaters and other people who have warrants.

Tuesday morning the group went over a list of who has a warrant out for their arrest and where they can be found.  Then with the help of U.S. Marshal deputies, they go and try to find the suspect.

"Our goal in my unit is we want to go out and apprehend as many bad guys as we can," says Sargeant Randy Briscoe, who leads the unit.

In the afternoon the group went to a house in Yakima to find someone who violated their parole.  Instead they found a group of juveniles who decided to run from the unit. Minutes later they were found at an apartment building about a block away.

There, deputies arrested one of them who had a felony warrant and say the suspect could be involved with a gang.

"Sometimes we pull up don't know what we're going to have then something else develops," says Sgt. Briscoe.

From January to July the unit went out to look for 670 people with warrants and were able to arrest 225 of those.