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Nighttime Seatbelt Emphasis

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--The nighttime emphasis is on seatbelt use. Statistics show many drivers fail to buckle up especially during the evening hours. And that's why enforcing this life-saving principle is important.

"We are gonna be out here, have extra officers on patrol above and beyond our normal officers that are scheduled, but they'll be out here tonight and Saturday night, Friday and Saturday night, working from 7:00 p.m till about 10:30 p.m.," says Sgt. Scott Child.

A popular misconception is that police cannot see inside vehicles at night. Quite the contrary. Police say even tinted windows provide a certain amount of visibility inside the car. And that's where authorities usually find other illegal activities.

"Alot of times we wind up finding a lot of other things," says Child. A person being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, we find that they may be impaired or have a suspended license or other violations such as no insurance.

According to Sergeant Scott Child, this emphasis isn't about writing an excessive amount of tickets. Police want drivers to understand the value in wearing a seatbelt. One driver we spoke to gets the message.

"My father was in fire and safety all his life and safety was kinda beat through us kids so, I don't wear seatbelts or helmets because of a law," says Kennewick resident Larry Barcot. I wear it because its just safer.

With the large amount of traffic at Columbia Center Boulevard and Canal drive, Kennewick police will be conducting a similar seatbelt campaign during labor day weekend. A reminder: failing to wear seatbelts will impact your life and wallet. It's a $101.00 fine.