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WSU Tri-Cities Freshmen Students Get FREE Laptops

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RICHLAND, Wash.--When the fall semester at WSU Tri-Cities began a few weeks ago, these freshmen made history. Now, thanks to a donation from Lockheed Martin, students like Jonah Ghan received a free laptop computer, to help him excel in school.

"I'm excited, I mean, this is really cool, I can do all my homework now and like be organized and stuff," says Ghan. Without it, I probably would be taking notes by hand and all that kind of stuff.

As part of WSU Tri-Cities Freshmen Recruitment Package, all 117 students got a free, reconditioned laptop. Originally, school officials expected 35 incoming freshmen. As that number soared to 117, so did Lockheed Martin's commitment.

"The community really did want this to be a success, for WSU Tr-Cities, and we wanted to ensure we were able to get the best students here as part of this campus and part of this legacy," admits Frank Armijo, GM of Information Technology, Lockheed Martin.

Students say they understand the value in having a computer, both from a convenience and cost standpoint.

"It will help because laptops aren't cheap so, it will be easy to take notes in class and finish writing when I'm not necessarily at home," says Freshman Heidi Nelson.

After hearing about the incentive WSU Tri-Cities was offering freshmen, one student said deciding where to attend college was a no-brainer.

"It's one of the main reasons I actually moved back to the Tri-Cities and chose to go here instead of the University of Washington in Tacoma where I used to live, is because of the laptops and scholarships," according to Freshman Amber Miller