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Didier: "From High School to Junior College, my life was a long shot the whole way"

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CONNELL, Wash - When Joe Gibbs took his recruiting trip to Portland State University it wasn't so he could check out Connell native Clint Didier.  "Joe came out to look at our quarterback and I told him if he ever wanted a guy to throw to I would so it.  So our quarterback called me up and I went out there.  By the end of the day Joe Gibbs was calling asking for my services for the Redskins."

And to the 'Skins Didier went as the 314th pick overall in the 1981 draft.  Clint spent 6 years with the Redskins winning two superbowl championships before he went to Green Bay where he ended his NFL career.

Just seven years ago Didier decided to get back into the whole coaching thing and started volunteering for his old high school team, the Connell Eagles.  "I love it.  I don't have to worry about the offense at all, I can just concentrate on the defense and let Clint do his thing," says Eagles head coach Wayne Riner. 

Didier gets teased a lot by his team when he starts using the all to familiar line of, "Well Joe Gibbs' said."  However, his team is very appreciative of Didier's knowledge and his positive coaching attitude.

In these 7 years, Didier has won two state titles with the Eagles, narrowly missing out on one last year when the Eagles last attempt fell just a couple feel short of the end zone.  On a side note, Didier's youngest son Zack was the only one of his three sons to not win a state title with their dad as head coach. 

For now Didier is happy with where is life is going.  He's a successful farmer and he's having fun as a high school coach, but there's still one nagging thought in the back of his mind.  "I have a junior college championship, I have a state title here in high school, and I've got two Superbowl championships.  The only thing I'm missing is a national collegiate title.  I guess that would bring it around full circle."