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New Grandview Weigh Station Saves Truck Drivers Valuable Time

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GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- With the amount of commercial vehicles on the road today, it is hard to tell which ones are carrying legal weight. But ever since a new advanced technology package was installed at the Washington State Patrol's Grandview weigh station, trucks can now drive by on a whim, never having to stop.

Each month, more than 50 thousand commercial trucks travel eastbound on I-82 towards Prosser. By using weigh-in-motion or "wim" technology, one by one, these vehicles are scanned, weighed, and told whether to bypass or exit the interstate.  

"We want to keep the trucks running with the fewest delays possible. And at the same time, we want to be taking the overweight and the unsafe vehicles off the road," says Michael D. Worlund, of the WSP Commercial Vehical Division.

The computer tells the state patrol's commercial vehicle division the weight of each axle, including the distance between each axle on the truck. That allows them to see the overall weight of the vehicle.  

Commercial truck driver, Charles Polvadeaux says, "The trucks, if their weights not set properly on the axles. It puts an extraordinary amount of wear on the roadways."

Time is money for truck drivers. By purchasing a $45 transponder or receiver, drivers are likely to pull over and get weighed only five-percent of the time. Without one, trucks will be losing precious time off the road, and that is something they cannot afford.    

Commercial truck driver, Brian Bracken says, "A gallon of fuel is a gallon of fuel and fleet-wide ya know, for all our trucks, if everybody could save a gallon of fuel, it's a big savings to the company."