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A Delay in the "No Match" Letters to Employers with Illegal Employees.

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WASHINGTON - This new requirement will have a profound affect on both farmers and Immigrants.   A delay in the process that will require employers to verify social security numbers.

The Social Security Administration won't be sending out "No Match" letters on time, now that the largest labor union in the U.S.  has filed a lawsuit against the new law.   But that doesn't mean farmers or immigrants aren't still worried.

They've worked on our farms since most of people can remember.  The immigrants, some of them illegal.

"There are some of us that don't have documents, some have them some don't," says Luis Garibaldo,  a migrant worker.

The Social Security Administration has known about this for decades.  They've sent millions of letters telling farmers who have illegal workers to fix the problem.   But what has changed is those farmers now face heavy fines for knowingly hiring or keeping illegal workers employed.

"These employers are faced with this dilemma of either laying their people off and going broke or waiting for the government to come and audit them and having significant fines and possibly going broke," says Tom Roach, an immigrant attorney.

Representative Doc Hastings agrees this is a problem and says farmers aren't the ones to blame.

"I share their concern. There's no way that farmers that are really caught in the catch 22 can determine whether the identification papers are legitimate or not," said U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings.

The American Federation of Labor also says there are problems with the new law and has filed suit.   And now a federal judge has placed a restraining order prohibiting the so called "No Match" letters to be sent out, buying farmers and immigrants more time.

Garibaldo adds, "the majority of us are scared. If they do this, how are we going to work, where are we going to work?"

The hearing for the lawsuit challenging the Social Security Administration "no-match" letters is October 1st.   Until then we won't know when of if the letter's will be sent out.