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Brownfield Speaks about $4 million Claim against the City of Yakima

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Yakima, WA -  A former Yakima Police Officer talks to KNDO about a four million dollar damage claim he filed against the city.

The upcoming lawsuit could cost the city thousands to defend and much more if it loses.

Jeff Brownfield says he wants city leaders and the Police Chief to be held accountable, and he's determined to go to trial.

In the claim, Brownfield says he was forced to submit to several unnecessary medical exams after he went to Chief Sam Granato to report unlawful activities at the department.

The city ruled Brownfield unfit for duty and fired him in April.

Brownfield alleges negligent hiring and supervision on the part of his supervisors.

"The amount is something you want to attain, but it's also to let people in Yakima know that they need to start looking harder at their government," says Brownfield, "They need to get active, do public disclosures and find out what is going on.  And find out why someone feels like he needs to sue for four million dollars.  That's a good question all our citizens should be asking."

This may be just the beginning.  A former officer and employee, as well as several current employees are looking at taking legal action against the city.

Fighting these legal battles alone could put a strain on the city's finances.

We've put in calls to the city and Mayor Dave Edler.  City Manager Dick Zais won't be available to comment until late next week.