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Prosser Woman Gets Chemical Burn FromWal-Mart Flip Flops

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PROSSER, Wash. -- A woman in Prosser says Wal-Mart flips flops caused a chemical reaction on her feet.

Gayla Fanciullo says that she bought some Sand-N-Sun Sandals from a Sunnyside Wal-Mart in late June. She says she wore them off and on until mid August when she says the area under the sandal strap turned red

Fanciullo says soon after the redness turned to blisters. She stopped wearing the shoes and when she went to the doctor, he told her that she was having some sort of chemical reaction.

Fanciullo says, "When I first noticed it was stinging real bad and burning and I couldn't figure out what it was. So I quit wearing them and it didn't matter, they just kept burning."

Officials at Wal-Mart's media relations office says that there have been 9 or 10 reports of similar burns frome people who bought the Sand-N-Sun flip flops.

They say they have pulled all the sandals off the shelves and ask anyone who thinks they got a burn from them to return them immediately.