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Wapato City Council Trying to Stop Public Intoxication and Littering

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WAPATO, Wash -  Wapato City Councilmembers are considering banning certain malt liquors from being sold in the city.  They say there's a problem with public drunkeness and littering.

The council is still discussing and getting the communities opinion on how to cut down on these problems, which they think are caused by the sale of fortified beers.  These beers are being bought the most in Wapato and generally are cheaper and have more alcohol.  It isn't just those beers that are being left on street corners, it is all kinds.

Councilmembers say some stores in the city voluntarily stopped selling the fortified beers and think if they put a complete ban on selling them, they would be bought elsewhere.

"If they want to get that fortified beer and the stores decide to stop selling it all together, they'll just walk across Highway 97 and go to Allen's Market or walk down Donald Road and go to Donald's Store because I've seen them walking over to buy it," says Tony Guzman, a Wapato City Councilmember.

Guzman gets complaints from the community who say they are tired of seeing people passed out on the streets.

The city has an Alcohol Abuse Stratedgy Committee and are still trying to figure out how they can fix this problem.