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San Diego 2007: Dave Villwock & Jeff Bernard each win two Sunday heats

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SAN DIEGO, Cali. - Morning fog closed the race course for part of the morning, but it burned off in plenty of time for boats to get in some testing and ready for racing in San Diego.

The U-21, unfortunately, was not able to recover from a gear box problem on Saturday and was forced to withdraw for the weekend.

In Heat 1A on Saturday, Dave Villwock's U-16 Elam Plus had a prop problem which threw blades into the boat, causing extensive damage.  There was also an engine problem.  The Ellstrom crew worked through much of the night to make repairs and had the unlimited hydroplane back on the water early Sunday.

Photo gallery of U-16 overnight repairs >>
    Photos courtesy Dean Neiswanger / Jack Lowe

Heat 2A matched Jean Theoret in the U-37 Beacon Plumbing and Dave Villwock in the U-16 Elam Plus again.  Theoret's won the last three times they've been matched up in heat racing.

But it was Villwock who ran away with Heat 2A.  Theoret hit the start perfectly, but coming out of the first exit pin, the U-16 had established the pace and ran away from there.

The repairs paid off.  Villwock needed the win to post some points to get into the finals.  He picked up 400 points for the win and the Ellstrom team locked up the National High Points team championship and will wear the U-1 for 2008.

Heat 2A Results

1.  U-16 Dave Villwock
2.  U-37 Jean Theoret
3.  U-10 David Bryant
4.  U-13 J. Michael Kelly
DNS.  U-25 Ken Muscatel

In heat 2B, the two hydroplanes were racing against each other.  And it was Jeff Bernard in the U-5 nailing the start and leading the pack across the start line and never looking back. 

Steve David and the U-6 and Mike Allen in the U-1 battled it out for two laps until David was able to put some distance between them in the final lap to take second.

Heat 2B Results

1.  U-5 Jeff Bernard
2.  U-6 Steve David
3.  U-1 Mike Allen
4.  U-48 David Williams

Heat 3A was a match-up of three former Budweiser hulls (U-1, U-5 & U-10). Jeff Bernard grabbed the lead coming out of turn one in the U-5.  David Bryant came roaring back to overtake Bernard in the U-10.  The two battled side-by-side with neither gaining much more than a boat length lead.

Bernard managed to grab the lead back and held it for the final lap, taking the checkered flag.  The U-13 struggled, appearing ot have some mechanical issues, but J. Michael Kelly managed to keep the boat together and finish the race to pick up points.

Heat 3A Results

1.  U-5 Jeff Bernard
2.  U-10 David Bryant
3.  U-1 Mike Allen
4.  U-13 J. Michael Kelly
U-48 David Williams - withdrew

Dave Villwock & the U-16 needed points to get into the final after posting a Did Not Finish on Saturday.  Jean Theoret in the U-37 grabbed the lead and held it for the first lap and a half, but Villwock managed to reel him in on the far turn of lap two.

Right after the position change, Theoret ran through the roostertail of the U-16 while moving outside.  He got washed down and lost power.

Heat 3B Results

1.  U-16 Dave Villwock
2.  U-6 Steve David
3.  U-25 Ken Muscatel
DNF.  U-37 Jean Theoret

Provisional Heat Results

1.  U-1 Mike Allen *
2.  U-25 Ken Muscatel

* U-1 will be the trailer boat in the finals.

More details on Heats 1A & 1B, including video from Jack Lowe

Heat 1A Results

1. U-37 Jean Theoret
2. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
3. U-25 Ken Muscatel
4. U-5 Jeff Bernard
DNF. U-16 Dave Villwock

Heat 1B Results

1. U-1 Mike Allen
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-10 David Bryant
4. U-48 David Williams
DNS. U-21 Brian Perkins