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Corporate Sponsors Branding Away at Bass Tournament

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TRI-CITIES, Wash.--With a boat, rod and reel, anyone can fish for Bass in the Columbia River. Yet, competing in this weeks tournament for the same fish will cost you.

Entry fees stand at $3,500 dollars. Add in a high powered boat and sufficient equipment. Now your bill is well over $50,000 dollars. Most can't afford it. But if your Rick Correa, Outlaw Baits is picking up the tab.

"It's nice to bring a company,a small company, that's trying to get bigger," says Correa. The boat wraps pretty good as far as impressions and being a mobile billboard. There's more and more people doing it nowadays."

Out of 400 anglers competing this week, only 30 have some form of corporate sponsorship. Brent Ehrier has spent years on the water. Without Lucky Craft behind him, he feels his lifestyle would change.

"It's everything actually," according to Ehrier. Lucky Craft is really one of the big three that gets me from tournament to tournament. If it wasn't for them. I wouldn't be out here doing this for a living."

Even with a fancy boat and a big corporate sponsor like Bounty helping out. It doesn't guarantee success.

"It's a tremendous help for them, both financially and in visibility," says CEO FLW Outdoors Charlie Evans. That means dollars for an Angler, but they still have to perform. The Bass don't know which shirt your wearing."