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WA Governor Wanted More Done To Track High Risk Sex Offenders

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WASHINGTON - The Washington Governor is taking steps to help law enforcement track high-risk sex offenders. 

Christine Gregoire said she is using 400,000 dollars to put high risk offenders under electronic surveillance and that she is taking the money from her emergency account.

Gregoire said having these high-risk offenders on special surveillance gives law enforcement another tool to protect the community.  

Gregoire said, "Everyday we need to look at new tools that can be put in the hands of our officers."

The device is worn on the ankle of the offender and it gives authorities a record of the offenders movements which are then reviewed on a day to day basis to see where they have gone.  The device will give a review of the daily activity, not a live report of movement.

Wednesday afternoon the governor ordered the state use more global positioning system devices on high risk sex offenders.

It is a move that she hopes will deter offenders from their next crime.  She said it is not going to put an end to sex offenses, "but it's a good tool for us to have available to make these individuals live by the rules and make sure our communities are safe."

A number of states across the country already have the tracking system in place and the governor said she wants to learn from their mistakes.

She said they have run into problems when they are trying to track homeless sex offenders because it tough to find a place for the offender to charge their device.

Gregoire said, "When they get out, which they will, under the law they will get out, then we need to have tools in place to see that they don't commit another act."

Gregoire said she hopes about 50 people would be fitted for the satellite tracking systems by mid-2008.

According to county websites, there are about 50 level three sex offenders living in Benton and Franklin counties.

The Department of Corrections Officials said it is unclear if and when any of our local sex offenders will wear one of the devices.