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CWU Students Complain about New Off Campus Housing

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Ellensburg, WA -  KNDO is working for you...  We've been receiving complaints from Central Washington University Students about an apartment complex that just opened off campus.

They say it was advertised as fully loaded college living, but right now the students say their apartments are full of problems.

The Grove looks like an ideal place for college students to live off campus, but there's a problem, it's not finished.

Management moved students in anyway two weeks ago.  Now those students are saying the got a raw deal.

The Grove is less than a mile away from the Central Washington University Campus, with all the amenities a college student could ask for.

"Amazing, brand new apartments, fully furnished," says Courtney Pettit, a sophomore at Central Washington University.

"Like the pool and the rec center," says Samantha Dalstrom.

But two weeks after moving in...

"You can see all the water damage," says Pettit, showing where her washer leaked, "It also soaked into my bedroom."

"My oven doesn't work," says Dalstrom, pushing the button, "My stove doesn't get hot."

Pettit and Dalstrom say they have run into one problem after another.

Dalstrom has collected more than 80 signatures in a petition to show how many residents are unhappy with The Grove, as well as emails.  There's even a ‘myspace' page warning students about The Grove.

Pettit says she is willing to stick it out, but not Dalstrom who wants to pursue legal action.

The Grove confirmed more than 400 maintenance requests in its first two weeks, but says not all are serious.

Management initially asked us to leave the grounds, but then decided to issue a statement.

"The Grove at Ellensburg is committed to providing a secure and safe home for college students.   We are aware of the impact a years worth weather in the area and subsequent construction delays have had on our students.   Daily we address our residents concerns and balance their needs with our resources to satisfy and contribute to their college experience."

But the spokesperson did not want on comment why they let students move in if The Grove wasn't finished.

Construction is still going on, while management tries to satisfy all the maintenance requests.

Central Washington University says this is the first it has heard about problems at the apartment complex, which advertised to students on campus.

University housing says they do have available dorm rooms and apartments for students in situations like this.