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West Richland Residents Upset Over Skunks

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - Skunks have upset a number of people in West Richland.

A number of neighbors that live on Laurel Drive in the King View Heights section of town expressed their concern about skunk over-population to the West Richland City Council.

They reportedly said that too many skunks live underneath sheds and decks.  Neighbors are reportedly concerned about the safety of children that live in the area.  They reportedly told city council said it is a health concern.

Now they want city council to do something about it.

According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, skunks are drawn to water and a canal is just a few blocks away from Laurel Drive.

Resident Roxanne Heister said skunks live under her shed in the winter months and said that they have sprayed her dog in the past.

Heister said, "That's really uncomfortable when you open your back door and your dog is standing there and he reeks to high heaven."

Heister said that when she moved here 18-years ago skunks were not an issue but development and growth have forced many wildlife animals out of their nesting areas.

City Officials said it is a liability issue, the city is working to determine who is responsible for the skunks, the property owner or the city, and where they drawn the line with wildlife problems.   

West Richland Officials said they have had interesting issues with wildlife in the past.  There have been problems with snakes and bats mostly because of the open canals and livestock areas throughout the city.

City Officials are contacting state wildlife authorities and investigating the situation.