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Pornstar Ron Jeremy Visits Central Washington University

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ELLENSBURG, Wash - A big debate about porn.   In a place where thousands of students surf the internet everyday.

One of the biggest performers in the adult entertainment industry, Ron Jeremy, was at Central Washington University Thursday night to discuss porn with a man who opposes it.

"People who say porn ruins their life have a problem with it and I tell them, don't watch!" explained Jeremy in the green room before the debate.

"Internet pornography is like crack cocaine of sexual addiction.  It's highly addictive, highly available and you can be totally anonymous when viewing it," said Jeremy's competition, Michael Leahy, a recovering sex addict.

Thousands of new students come to CWU every year, their first time away from mom and dad, free to roam the internet.

"We don't do any blocking of any of the sites on the internet," says Carmen Rahm, who works with the Information Technology Department at Central.  Rahm explains that the students pay for the network, therefore they can look at anything.

"Most of the kids who are coming to school here now are 18 and older and technically they can do whatever they want," said Central student Scott Lytle.

A recent survey shows there are over 260 million pages of pornography on the internet.

"We advertise on the internet because where else are we going to go? We can't go to Block Buster, they've outlawed porn, no network will carry porn, half the magazines and newspapers in america will not carry porn," explained Jeremy.

But the message to students Thursday night was....

"The negative effects it has on individuals and the way they view themselves and how they view and act towards others," said Leahy

For it or against it students got to hear both sides of the argument.  The topic was so popular on campus people were turned away because the room the event was held in could only fit 1200.