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Kennewick Police Arrested Three For Allegedly Making Fake Money

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Kennewick Police report that two suspects tried to pass counterfeit money at Albertson's on Sunday afternoon.

It happened at the Clearwater Avenue location just after five in the morning.

Police report that the suspects tried to make a small purchase using a fake 20-dollar bill at the store.

Authorities received a description of the suspects from workers and arrested 21-year-old Steven M. Chappell and 30-year-old David Dittmer walking down Clearwater.  Police said they matched the description.

Upon further investigation authorities believed that the suspects were using computer software to make fake money.  They obtained a search warrant for the home of 23-year-old Kelly Joe Ragsdale located at 121 North Volland Street.

Police allegedly found evidence that the suspects were making the fake money on a computer at that home.  The three suspects are being held on a 72-hour investigative hold for forgery.

Now police want businesses to keep their eyes open for counterfeit money.  Kennewick Corporal Todd Dronen warned store workers to look out for people that act very pushy or if they are trying to draw your attention away from the money.  He said to act on any suspicious feeling you might have.

Police said that many employees are trained to spot fake money.  Dronen said it feels and looks different.  Contact police if you suspect that money is counterfeit.