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5 Cases of MRSA are Now Being Reported in the Northwest.

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Washington. - A fifth case of MRSA in the Northwest is coming out of Hermiston, Oregon.  A junior high student at Sandstone Middle School has been diagnosed with the deadly virus.  Stay tuned for KNDU local news at 5 and 6 for the latest information.

Meanwhile at Lake Spokane Elementary School in Steven's County, another MRSA case has been detected. 

The principal of the school sent a letter home to parents saying a female student at the school went home after being diagnosed.  The principal says the girl is not contagious and they're doing everything they can to prevent it from happening again. 

And in North Idaho a seven year-old girl is also infected with MRSA at Ramsey Elementary.  The girls mom says she thought it was a spider bite.  We now know of a second student at the same school has been diagnosed as well as a staff member. 

MRSA is a bacteria that's highly resistant to antibiotics making it very difficult to treat.  MRSA infections most commonly happen in hospitals however as this case illustrates there are increasing incidences of infections in schools, homes and day-care centers.

MRSA can appear on the skin as a pimple or boil and be swollen and red.  Health officials say the best ways to prevent contracting MRSA is to practice good hygiene, cover skin cuts with clean bandages and avoid sharing towels and soap with other people.  These infections can also occur in the nose.  Seek medical help if you have a sore that you think may be infected.