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MRSA Prevention Tips

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With several confirmed cases of MRSA in the Northwest we offer tips to help you prevent the disease and how you can try to avoid getting this infection.

The best way to prevent MRSA is proper hygiene.

Washing your hands and not sharing your soap with other people is the easiest way to prevent the spread of any infection especially MRSA.

Health officials say to sing as little song to yourself like Happy Birthday while washing your hands to make sure you sanitize long enough.

If your children are in school you want to make sure that it is properly cleaned and sanitized as well because with so many children the risk of spreading any infection can be high.

If you are concerned about getting MRSA here are the tips you should know to help prevent contracting the infection.

-Cleanliness is key

1. Keep your hands clean

2. Don't share your personal care items like towels, sheets, razors or athletic equipment

3. Take care of any cuts or open sores you get

4. And don't touch other peoples cuts or sores,because that is a common way of spreading the disease