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Mothers of Victims In Fred Russell Case Speak Out Wednesday

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KELSO, Wash. - There was no witness testimony in the vehicular homicide trial for Fred Russell Wednesday.

The judge gave the jury the day off because the defense could not get two of their witnesses to Kelso before Thursday.

Many family members have been at this trial since it started nearly three weeks ago.

Wednesday the mothers of Brandon Clements and Stacy Merows spoke out about the trial. 

Cindy Fulton said, "The over all feeling is relief that it is moving along, its finally starting and moving along."

Karen Overacker said, "I'm really glad this is finally happening.  I'm disappointed its kind of dragging out."

This trial may be a legal process to lot of people but to Cindy Fulton and Karen Overacker it's another chapter in their emotional journey.

Both Karen and Cindy say it has not been easy reliving the crash that killed their children.  They say it is hard to see pictures of the accident.

Fulton said, "It's emotionally draining.  I go home on the weekend and just crash."

Overacker said, "At this point, I'm just ready for it to be over.  I want to go home.  I miss my grandkids."

Karen and Cindy say they have bonded during the past six years with each other and the other families involved in this crash.  They have grown close through grief and memories.

Fulton said, "We developed film that we found with Stacy's stuff and their were pictures and we were able to share those with Marolyn and you."

For these moms their children names are on the tips of their tongue and their children memories are always close to their hearts.