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When Seniors Shouldn't Be Left Alone

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(HealthDay News) -- Many seniors are reluctant to give up their independence in favor of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

But sometimes living alone poses a danger to the health and safety of an elderly loved one.

If you're in this position and need to speak with an older person about leaving the home, here are suggestions from AARP:

  • Have a plan for the conversation, and try to ease into the topic rather than stating the problem bluntly.
  • If the person becomes upset and is clear about not wanting to discuss the topic, let it go and bring it up another time.
  • Emphasize that you are concerned for the person's health and safety, and explain how he or she is at risk by living alone.
  • Ask the person specifically what he or she wants, doesn't want, and about his or her fears.
  • Treat the person as an adult and with respect -- don't talk down to the person like a child.

-- Diana Kohnle

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