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Local Soldier Home for the Holidays

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KENNEWICK, Wash.- The holidays are the happiest time of the year for many, but for one local soldier, this Thanksgiving is really special.

It's always special when a soldier gets to come home during his time deployed, but for soldiers like Brett Turner, coming home at this time of year makes it that much more special.

An extra voice adds to the sounds at the Turner family's home this season.

"Good to be back, it's been seven months in Baghdad," said Army Specialist Brett Turner.

The frontline medic gets 18 days away from the streets of Baghdad.

"I couldn't stop smiling, laughing when i see my little sister run up and you know it's pretty cool, my dad, the whole family was there," he said of his exit from the plane in Pasco.

Turner is in the middle of a 15 month tour in Iraq, but Thursday returned home on leave.

His family has waited nine months to see him, even holding off on Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday just so he'd be with them.

"When he came through the doors i like ran up to him, and i was all like happy and we brought a balloon and i came and gave it to him," his little sister Brittney said. 

Turner got lucky.  Only four people in his platoon got time off for the holidays, he was one of them.

His best friend Dan hasn't seen him since he left.

"We've been planning it for a while. Talk to him on the internet every once in a while, says hey, i'm coming up this time and this time, i'm like, alright, i'll start asking for days off," said Dan Petty.

And for the Turner family, it's just good to have brett home.

"This is the best thanksgiving because we're just so happy to have brett home," Brittney said. 

During his time at home, Turner is going to do the usual, just relaxing with friends and family, but he's also planning to rent a motor home with his family and drive to California and Nevada for a few days.