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Mendez testifies in the Jose Sanchez Jr. double murder trial

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Yakima, WA -   The prosecution called Mario "Gato" Mendez to the stand in the double murder trial for Jose Sanchez Junior.

Mendez has already pled guilty to 1st degree felony murder for his role in the execution style shootings of 21-year-old Ricky Causor and his three-year-old daughter Mya.

He testified in court today that he saw Sanchez shoot Causor in cold blood.

Mendez says Sanchez intended to kill Causor and his girlfriend Michelle Kublick because Sanchez said she tore off his mask.

Mendez told the jury this was a robbery gone wrong and that they originally went over Causor's apartment complex early on that Sunday evening in February of 2005 to scope things out, but Sanchez decided at the last moment to do the robbery right then.

"He goes behind Ricky's head," Mendez told the jury, "I hear the gun shot. The bullet goes toward me. The whole time I kept thinking he was going to ask for the dope. The next thing I hear is the gun shot."

Mendez told the jury that he nearly got hit by the bullet when Causor was shot and started running.

He heard more shots after he took off outside.

He says that Jose Sanchez Junior came out after him and they took off in Sanchez's blue pick up truck.

Mendez wanted to know if the kids got shot.

"I was actually making sure," says Mendez, "I said are you sure you didn't hit the kids. He says don't worry about it. I didn't hit the kids. I know Michelle and Ricky are dead."

But Ricky Causor's three-year-old daughter Mya was killed in the shooting and Michelle Kublick survived along with their other daughter Angelica.

Mendez told the jury he didn't trust Sanchez after the shootings and feared for his own life.

He was on the stand for about an hour and twenty minutes this afternoon.

The prosecution will continue to question him tomorrow morning.

The defense will begin cross-examination after that, which could last another two hours.