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Carbon Monoxide Dangers

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- With the weather getting colder, many people are looking for ways to keep warm.

 Firefighters say while trying to keep warm, keep in mind the dangers of carbon monoxide. Grant County emergency officials say a gas powered generator like this one, brought inside a home, caused the death of three Royal City children as carbon monoxide filled the room.

Grant County Emergency Management officials say that they believe a generator was brought into the Ramirez home to power a space heater after the Ramirez's power went out. That is when the deadly gas was released.

And firefighters say leaving a generator outside is just one thing you can do to protect yourself from carbon monoxide. First, they say to never use your barbeque or other gas-powered device inside. They say carbon monoxide is produced whenever gas, oil, kerosene, wood or charcoal are burned.

Second, they warn you to not idle your car inside your garage, even with the garage door open. Third, they warn you to regularly clean chimneys and flues. And they tell you to get carbon monoxide detectors. They say carbon monoxide is odorless kills quickly.

Firefighters say it is easy to keep yourself safe from carbon monoxide. They say while it may be uncomfortable to barbeque or use a generator outside, taking it outside could save you or your loved one's life.