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Tieton City Council Race Decided by Coin Toss

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TIETON, Wash - Most election races were decided weeks ago except for one in Yakima County.  The 5th position on the Tieton city council had been tied between Juanita Karam and incumbent Felisa Cox. 

It is written into state law, if the candidates are still tied after a manual recount, the winner will be decided by an event that has a 50/50 outcome.  The candidates agreed on a coin flip to decide who would take the council seat.  Cox called "heads" while the coin, flipped by Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly, was in the air.  Sure enough it landed heads and Cox retains her seat on the city council.

"I was kind of stunned.  It's been going on for so long.  I called heads really fast and then I was just like shocked," explained Cox.

The last time a vote went to a coin flip in Yakima County was in 1997.