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Paper Game Leads to Suspension in West Richland

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- Police say a game being played at a West Richland middle school gets two students suspended and officers asking questions.

Police say some Enterprise Middle School students call the game "Push the Button". It is played with a folded piece of paper.

In the game, a person would pick a number and that number would eventually lead to a person's name and an action.

One of of the pieces of paper had positive actions on it like: marry, love for life, and kiss. But the other said shoot, destroy, knife 'em and murder.

Police say the two students said the game was a joke but police say they can't take a situation like this lightly.

West Richland's Sergeant Scott Bravo says, "Today, in today's society, with all the recent shootings, the most recent mall shooting, you have to take this stuff seriously."

Bravo says for the most part, the people named in the violent version of the game were teachers.

At this point, police have interviewed the kids and believe the game was a joke and they had no intention of carrying out any of the actions on the paper. Police say when they checked the student's houses, they found only one shotgun, which they say the student was not allowed to use.

Police say they will forward the case onto the prosecutor's office.