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As this city's highest ranking UNelected representative, I want to comment on the Ensey/Bonlender thing.

I've never met or talked with either guy but I know a media witch hunt when I see one. The press has been hounding Ensey for months; they've been going after me for 10 years.

What's getting thrown at Ensey is a well-orchestrated, trumped-up railroad job. It reminds me of the Duke lacrosse team "rape" case, where the media did the same thing and "community leaders" jumped on the bandwagon before all of the facts were known. And that was about an alleged rape. The Ensey thing involves a few lines on a blog that maybe six people read.

For years, I've been libeled, denigrated and insulted by anonymous people on blogs. But blogs are little stray comments like you'd overhear in any lunchroom - they're mosquitoes in the alligator-infested swamp of politics.

Ensey's real "sin" was running as a proud Republican and earning the support of Republicans. This was an affront to the tender sensibilities of the Yakima Herald-Republic whose chosen candidate was Democrat Bonlender ... the guy who lost.

But rather than be a man and accept the voters rejection (again), Bonlender and his de facto public relations machine, the Herald, have railed and moaned for weeks."

"Not satisfied with endless hit pieces masquerading as 'news' stories and editorials in the Herald, Bonlender got his Democrat donors (the trial lawyers) to file an absolutely frivolous lawsuit against Ensey and his wife. It's a vindictive, childish temper tantrum.

As far as I'm concerned, Ensey's only mistake was saying this on election night: "I don't want to talk to the Herald. Make it up. You will anyway." I sympathize with wanting to stiff your opponents' publicist, but in politics, you never, ever stop talking. You all know me - I never shut up! J

I screwed up seven years ago. Whenever I was asked by the press if I was being compensated for my political work, I said no. I didn't tell the truth for two years. When I finally did, I was attacked by my opponents and by the press. But my supporters stuck with me because I didn't let my screw-up stop me from persevering on their behalf. I owed it to them to face the fallout and continue fighting.

Ensey's thing isn't even close to what I did, and yet it's being spun as worse than Watergate. It was a few lines on a blog written by his wife. Big deal. So his spouse did something that's embarrassing. Boy, do I know about that. I've embarrassed my wife for years.

I've been on television and in newspapers dressed up like a gorilla, Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear. If my wife can tolerate my stuff, Ensey can surely deal with his wife's thing.

This is a total non-issue. A few lines on an insignificant blog didn't swing the election. Bonlender lost because his Democrat philosophy (more taxes, more regulation, more litigation) didn't sit well with Yakima's voters.

Ron Bonlender has embarrassed himself. His post-election pouting and his boo-hoo hissy fits and his pathetic lawsuit show he doesn't have the character to hold public office.

The Herald has embarrassed itself. Nothing but trumped-up, hyped-up, lynch-mob hysteria disguised as journalism.

As for Ensey, he's shown tremendous dignity and courage under fire and clearly has more character in his little finger than Bonlander can ever hope to have.

My message to Ensey: The bad guys want to badger you into quitting or cow your conservatism as a councilman. They will never like you, never accept you, never vote for you. So you need to sponsor ordinances and vote for legislation that is more conservative than you'd normally do just to shove it back at them. You didn't beat Bonlender by kowtowing to critics. Always stay focused on the policies and principles that the voters want and you'll do just fine. And most importantly, never stop talking.