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Mother and Daughter Killed in West Richland Double Homicide

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- Both the Benton County Sheriff's Office and the Washington State Crime Lab are investigating after a mother and daughter were killed in West Richland.

Benton County Deputies say that a 911 hang-up call they received last night led them to a violent and bloody crime scene at a home on the 2800 block of Ruppert Road.

When police and deputies arrived at the house, they say 15-year-old Donald Schalchlin and 16-year-old Joshua Tucker were trying to leave the scene in a white truck. Donald is the son and brother of the victims and Tucker lived with the family.

Investigators say Donald was an accomplice in the crime but that Tucker committed the homicides. Neighbors said when the police arrived, the yelling started.

Rodney Small lives nearby. He says, "The screaming was like a machine, for lack of a better term. Something agonizing, someone yelling ,'Pigs must die, death to all pigs', things like that."

Police quickly arrested Schalchlin and Tucker and then went inside the house. They found 13-year-old Elizabeth Schalchlin dead just inside the front door. When they went into a back bedroom, her mother Ellen was found conscious, but with several lacerations. She died on the way to Kadlec Medical Center.

Neighbor Gayla Marchand says, "It was just really sad, very tragic. It didn't frighten us. I just feel bad for  the family."

At a press conference Thursday, Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller said that both Tucker and Schalchlin have prior criminal records.

And Benton County Undersherriff Paul Hart said deputies have been to the house before. But neighbors say, nothing like this has ever happened in their neighborhood.

Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller said that no formal charges have been filed against the two suspects but they are being detained for their connection to the murders.

An autopsy on both mother and daughter is scheduled for Friday morning.

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