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Online Site Releases Top Ten Scams For 2007

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PASCO, Wash. -, an online site designed to help people protect themselves from scams, released the top ten scams for 2007.  They also made predictions for 2008.

In 2007, identity theft scams were number one and it was predicted to be at the top of the list in 2008.  

Pasco Police Detective David Yates said he deals with victims all the time.  

He said, "They get credit under your name, change your address, you'll never realize your actually a victim until you go to purchase a new home or that new car and your credit check is done."

Phishing scams were listed as number two.  During a phishing scam a thief will contact you and try to get your personal information.

Lottery scams are number three.  Police said many victims are told that they won when they didn't even enter the lotto.

Viruses, worms and Trojans on your computer was number four, Nigerian scams were number five and they were expected to increase in 2008.  Below is the rest of the ranked scams for 2007.

6. Overpayment scams

7. Spyware threats

8. Online dating scams

9. Pump and dump scams.  This involve false stock tips.

10. Work at home scams.