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Walla Walla Residents Clean Up After Wind Storm

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WALLA WALLA, Wash.-- Friday night's wind storm left quite a mess behind for Walla Walla residents.

"There are still down trees that are across the roads again the cruisers are working to clear away those trees," said Patty Courson, with the Walla Walla County.

It was these same trees that caused several road closures around the area and put clean up crews to work.

"We got a call that one of the trees were down probably about seven o'clock and after that it was just one continuous call after another," said Thomas Sheridan, a member of the clean up crew for the city.

One resident says most of these silver maples are over 100 years old and thinks it may be time for the city to take action.

"I think as a city we need to start looking at some of these old trees, they've reached the end of their life span, some of them might need to come down," said Scott Caldwell, a resident affected by the wind storm.

This is the second year in a row one of these trees has fallen in front of his house, and missed it by nearly two feet. Keeping those inside the home on the lookout.

"My kids actually watched the tree come at them, and my five year old son, it freaked him out, my seven year old daughter thought it was really cool though," Caldwell said.

And while the roads are getting cleared out. Power crews say they have a lot of work ahead.

"They've brought in a bunch of contractors in from all over the Northwest, they'll work all day and all night , 48 hours straight before we take a break," said Travis Murray, with Hawkeye Construction.