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Cough and Cold Medicines Can Be Dangerous for Children

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The Center for Disease Control reports about 7,000 kids are reported to emergency rooms all over the country every year.  The reason for this they say is cough and cold medicines.

The CDC says both over-the-counter and prescription medicines, are reaching the hands of children without supervision. 

But a Kennewick pediatrician says this isn't the only reason to be alarmed. Children can have allergic reactions to different types of medicines.

Any over-the-counters are now being considered too dangerous for children under the age of two. But doctors say all medicines have to be used properly to avoid any risk of harm.

"We're putting more and more medicines over-the-counter that are not being supervised by a physician and are being used indiscriminately, and that's dangerous," said Dr. Sharon Ahart, a Kennewick Pediatrician.

Doctors also say don't mix fever reducing medicines with cough and cold ones. The body will eventually fight the virus, but make sure to keep children well hydrated and use saline nasal sprays to relieve congestion.