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Washington Caucuses are this Saturday, What You can Expect.

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Washington - Organizers are expecting a large turnout at area caucuses this Saturday.
Doors open at one o'clock and both political parties are urging people to attend.

Caucus Organizers tell us from the moment participants enter they'll sign in and indicate their presidential preference.   People will then discuss what issues are important to them and which candidates they like or don't like.   Participants will then be given ballots and that's when the voting starts.  Voters will be asked to vote for your presidential preference, as well as other issues like the economy or national security.  They will then rank those issues as a matter of importance and  develop the parties positions on those issues.

Benton County GOP Chair and Republican Caucus organizer Patrick Mcburney says the more people who can attend the better.   "It's important for both the democratic parties to have successful caucuses because that helps build their parties organization and it brings people into the political system.  In some years we've had caucuses where we were lucky to get maybe 120 to 200 people to show up.  We're expecting well over 500 people perhaps to attend these caucuses."

Caucus locations are determined by precincts.  The different precincts are listed on the top right hand corner of each voter ballot.  Those interested in participating in the area caucuses will have to go to their political parties website to find their caucus location.   We have links to those websites on our website, just search under the news link and On-Air Links.