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Dogs Sniff Granger Schools

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GRANGER, Wash - Students in the Granger School District have been warned.  If drugs, guns or explosives are brought to school, chances are the principal will find out about it.

A group of dog handlers who work for local law enforcement formed the company K-9 Solutions last year.  Once hired by the school district, the trained dogs will sniff through campuses at random times. 

Wednesday they held a demonstration at Granger High School to show the students what the dogs can do.  The handlers for K-9 solutions setup backpacks on the floor, one with drug odor on it.  The dog sniffed them out and sits down at the bag where the odor is detected.

"I see friends that bring marijuana to school and stuff and they think they can get away with it," says Ervine Alvarez, a freshman at Granger High School.

School staff say their first priority is the security and safety of the campus.  They are following the lead of other schools in the Yakima Valley who are using K-9 Solutions.

"I contacted some districts and asked them how it's going and they said these guys are fantastic," says Paul Chartrand, the Assistant Principal.

The staff feels the presence of the dogs, the handlers and the random searches will deter students from bringing items like drugs or weapons.  K-9 Solutions has five handlers and four dogs.  Each dog goes through 200-300 hours of training.

"I thought it was really cool, I didn't even know there was actually dogs that did that stuff," explained Guillermo Galeno, a senior.

The company will also go to homes and private businesses.