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The Wrestling Romeros

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SUNNYSIDE, Wash - If you live in Sunnyside and your last name is Romero, that could only mean one thing! 

"I guess we're just good, natural, wrestlers."  Sunnyside Senior Isaac Romero couldn't be more to the point.  Isaac is one of three Romero brothers heading to the 3A state wrestling finals this weekend. 

The Romero's come from a long line of wrestlers; and we mean that in every sense of the word.  The boy's mom is one of 14 sisters!  Pair that with 7 brothers and you've got yourself a regular wrestling clan!  In fact, T.J. Gonzalez is also heading to state for the Grizzlies and he happens to be the Romero's cousin.  "It's all a big family around here," says Grizz head coach Greg Paulus. 

It's also a family that almost didn't all make it to state.  Just a few weeks ago, right before sub-regionals, Isaac and Josh contracted a painful bacterial infection nicknamed cauliflower ear.  It's an infection that can only be cured by surgery and if you don't get the surgery you can't compete.  Luckily, the brothers were able to get relatively easy surgery and battled through the pain in order to stay on the road to state.  "Some wrestlers can get pretty noticeable swelling and bubbles in their ear and not notice it and that's how those characters are.  They've got bubbles the size of a quarter in their ear but it doesn't affect them much."

It is especially important for Isaac to make it to this year's state finals.  He's been one of the premier wrestlers in the area his first three years in high school, but this is his last chance to take home first place.  "I've been second three years in a row.  I'm not going to come in second this year, I'm not."

Interestingly enough the Romero brothers have a shot at history when they head to the big meet.  Sunnyside's coach says "We want 4 guys in the finals and 4 state titles.  And to do it with three brothers is something that's never been done before."