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Getting Into The Mind of An Accused Killer

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- As 16-year-old Josh Tucker makes his way through the court system, many people want to know what goes on inside an accused killer's head. Friday, we interviewed someone that lived with Tucker for about a year. The person we talked to insisted that we not release her name or even use her real voice. But, she did say Tucker is a complex person. 

She says sometimes he could be nice or warm-hearted but otherwise his anger would rise and he would get violent. At times, she says he made threats and became abusive toward her and her mother, beat the family dog, and crushed a pet bird's legs. 

In the end, she says she was afraid of Tucker and what he would do to her and her mother.  She says, "I think he had trouble trouble controlling his emotions, I'm not quite sure. There would be days you just didn't know him ... He just had that look of evil in his eyes, like he was going to come attack you or kill you or something."

We talked to this woman's mother yesterday and she says that she believes Josh is an evil person. He often spoke and wrote of Beelzebub, meaning Satan, and called Marilyn Manson a God. The mother says when Tucker moved in she thought he was a gentleman but after a year, she says she was ready for him to leave. She says she was ready for the violence and abuse to stop.