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Grenade's in Passenger's Bag Lockdown Yakima Airport

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two training grenades were found in a man's bag as a he tried to get through security at the Yakima Airport. The grenades contained a live fuse but no explosives.

Police arrested the 20-year-old owner of the bag. They say he is in the military stationed in California, but would not disclose his name or his branch of service.

Sgt. Tim Bardwell of the Yakima Police Department said, "They called us. We responded and evacuated the airport and diverted flights from coming into the airport. We contacted the explosive ordinance disposal and they responded and disabled the devices."

Ray Weather ford was working at Barnstormers Pub and Eatery in the airport when the incident happened. He told us, "It came over the intercoms that there was a security breach and that we had to evacuate the building immediately."

The airport remained locked down for an hour. One inbound flight was allowed to land during the lockdown but passengers had to exit the plane at the Yakima police substation which is about 200 yards away from the terminal.

Police have released the suspect and police tell us papers have been filed with the FBI and charges are pending.


The military was also notified and they will begin their own review.


In the meantime, the airport is now back to normal and flights are running as scheduled.