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Find Out Which Candidate Matches You

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - You've probably already made your pick for president in Washington's primary, but how well do you know your candidate?  Here's one way to get an idea of  which one you may match up with best. 

When you hear the campaign slogans "Straight Talk", "Agent of Change", or "Ready On Day One" you probably know which candidates people are talking about. 

But how do they feel about the issues important to you?

We found a website called "Glassbooth Election 2008". 

It lets you rate which issues you feel are most important, you answer a few questions about your position on each one, it calculates your stance and tells how well each candidate matches up with you.   You can see where you agree and where to don't see eye to eye.

If you'd like to give the candidate quiz a try, just highlight "News", click on "On Air Links", then click on "Candidate Quiz."